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Organic Spices and Pulses Exporter

The world has been on a drive to increase thevproductivity of the farmlands in order to feed the growing population since quite some time now. Though the measures like chemical fertilizers and GM foods did increase the yield of the harvest, it dint take much time to realise that these had a flip side to it too.

The pesticides and the fertilisers affected the terrestrial and marine ecosystems and polluted them with foreign chemicals to the produce. The chemicals used started finding their way to our plates and soon the emerging problems started overshadowing the benefits. Organic farming seems to be the perfect solution to this.

Shifting to organic food may be a little expensive but it is definitely worth the price after we realise its benefits. While on an organic drive though, it is very easy to forget about shifting to organic spices. This seems to be ironic considering what an inevitable part of our food spices are. Spices by themselves have countless health benefits, apart from adding flavour and colour to our food.

A few benefits of shifting to organic spices include :

  • Astronger immune system  -  The ray of hope that genetically modification had cast is being questioned now. Being in its nascent stages, its effect on human health isn’t quite determined. Although there are some good things about genetically modified food, we might want to reconsider if they are worth risking the probable long-term effects.
  • A greater dose of Antioxidants  -  Without any foreign substances interfering and affecting the nutritional composition of organic spices, antioxidants tend to have a greater impact if they come from organic spices as compared to normal spices. A number of studies prove the fact too. That cuts down the negatives and adds the positives…sounds good, don’t you think?
  • Assurance of food devoid of pesticide  -  Pesticides that can kill – or at leastaim to kill pests in the fields can be injurious to humans too, if not fatal. Organo phosphorus,  Chlordecone,  Endosulfan  along with other equally scary sounding chemicals have been found to trigger developmental problems like autism and ADHD. Using organically grown spices reduces thisrisk.
  • Prevents antibiotic resistance   -  Various pesticides contain antibiotics to fight plant diseases. Consumption of these antibiotics, even in small traces, modifies and brings about small changes in our immune system, and weakens it by over dose of antibiotics. This constant adaptation to new antibiotics may make the nervous system lose its capacity to defend itself. Therefore, switching to organic spices is like helping keep the immune system strong and functioning.
  • Food Tastes better and is More Nutritious  -  Since spices are fertilized  with organic manure and bio fertilizers while they are grown organically, their nutrient content is high. Also as no chemicals affect its chemical composition, organically cultivated spices have a fresher flavor and aroma.


Place of Origin India
Speciality High in Protein,No Preservatives
Organic Yes
Packaging Size Available 1 Kg, 5kg
Purity 99.5%
Moisture 12% Max.