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Proto Plan Herbal Juice Exporter

What does Protoplan contain?
Protoplan is India's 1st liquid protein supplement, which is made up of super-food spirulina, moringa & soya protein . Unlike the other protein supplements Protoplan can be taken directly or can be diluted with water & being a herbal protein , it is very much suitable for vegetarians who are generally protein deficient. Protoplan contains Stevia Rebaudiana  for sweetness, so it can be consumed by diabetic patients on regular basis.

Spirulina :

  • spirulina is the richest source of protein ever known in the world, so it is also considered as a 'super-food'. The protein content in spirulina is very high as compared to chicken, eggs, fish, all pulses and other foods. It is also known as a 'miraculous food'.
  • spirulina is a blue-green algae which contains calcium, potassium , niacin, magnesium, b-complex
  • & iron apart from its high protein content.
  • spirulina also contains all essential amino acids & dry spirulina contains 60-70% protein of its total dried weight.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant & an advanced super¬≠ food. Even NASA has recommended spirulina as a food supplement for its astronauts.
  • spirulina also prevents fungal infections & is very effective in controlling arsenic poisoning . It also controls high blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Due to the high amount of easily digestible protein , spirulina is an ideal protein supplement for growing children, bodybuilders and elderly people.

Moringa :

  • Moringa is a medicinal plant which is found in India & many other Asian countries.
  • Its leaves, bark, roots & legumes are consumed for centuries due to their high protein content and exceptional medicinal values.
  • Apart from very high protein content, Moringa is used in treatment of anemia, arthritis, swelling of joints , swelling of gums, dandruff, athlete's foot, open wounds, & to improve the overall immune system in humans.
  • Moringa is the main source of food in many countries.
  • Moringa contains antioxidants, minerals & fibers in abundance, so, it also used in treatment of asthma, colon cancer, high blood pressure , diabetes, thyroid, constipation and other stomach related illnesses.

Soya :

  • Soya extract is also a source of high protein content.
  • For people who have lactose intolerance, soya milk is used as a dietary supplement against normal milk.
  • Soya is cultivated worldwide and is used in various food dishes all over the world.
  • Soya contains protein , vitamins , minerals and fiber in abundance and is used in treating protein deficiency, chronic constipation, high cholesterol levels and type 2 diabetic patients .
  • Protein content in Soya is easily digestible and helps in lowering high cholesterol levels.
  • Protoplan contains spirulina, Moringa & Soya in adequate proportions.
  • Protoplan is available in Mango flavour & contains Stevia as a sweetener & can be consumed by diabetic patients on a daily basis.


Dosage (Millilitre) 30 ML
Packaging Type Bottle
Packaging Size (Litre) 250 ML 500 ML 1000 ML
Direction of Use Take 20-30 ml mixed with water, Two times daily
Type 100% Natural
Usage Improves resistance of body