Aci Agro Solution

Urocare Juice Exporter

ACI Uro Care is Herbal Nutritional Supplement whole range of health benefits. It is extremely good for the liver and prevents infections from occurring in it. It is a diuretic and can prevent kidney stones from occurring. It is good for patients with arthritis and diabetes. It can treat urinary tract infections, heavy menstruation, fibroids, and clotting in women. It fights obesity and prevents heart failure from occurring. It is good for the eyes and digestion, and is also used as a laxative. It can cure impotence and erectile dysfunction as well. It can also help with certain kinds of cancer.

Benefits of Urocare juice :

  • Treats Kidney stones.
  • Useful in Urinary disorders.
  • Helpful in Boils.
  • For Hypertension.
  • Curbs Leukaemia.
  • Treats Vaginal disorders.
  • Cures Bleeding diarrhoea
  • prevents heart failure.
  • It’s great for arthiritis


Packaging Type bottle
Patient Age 18 above
Had Kidney Related Treatment Before Yes
Family History of Kidney Stones Yes
Preferred Method of Treatment Removal By Medicine
Any Surgeries Done Earlier No